Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DISNEY-Magic Kingdom

The second day, Lila's official 3rd birthday, we explored the Magic Kingdom. We got there a little before the park opened and got to see the opening show (which my parents had never seen before either, because we would never get to the park that early when I was little). I made reservations for breakfast at the Crystal Palace with all of the Pooh characters first thing when we got there, and she loved having breakfast with her favorite Disney guys (blog post here). Tigger was so cute and visited with our table for a long time. Mom wanted to get a picture of just me and Tigger because when I was little, his tail knocked me completely over and it devastated me. Now, they have his tail pinned up :).  Pooh and Eyeore spent a good amount of time with us as well, and Lila got to walk in the parade around the restaurant with Piglet. The breakfast food was actually really good too, so the whole experience was a great one.
sunrise on Lila's birthday
my new 3 year old
After breakfast, we made our way to Fantasyland where all of Lila's favorite storybook characters live and play. We got fast passes for Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh, thank goodness, because the lines never got smaller than 45 minutes all day. We had a great time walking around the different lands there in the Magic Kingdom, as well as watching the football-themed parade (considering it was Super Bowl Sunday).
ready for "It's a small world"
Alli loved all of the rides
waiting in line
Winnie the Pooh ride
After the parade, we made our way over to the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique for Princess Lila's hair and makeup appointment (separate blog post here). To say that this is the most precious place in the whole Disney World would be an understatement. It was like a little girl's heaven, complete with beautiful dresses, crowns, glass slippers, sparkles, fairy dust, and lots and lots of fun! Each girl is taken care of by her fairy godmother in training, and they first present your new princess dress in your very own dressing room. Lila picked out a Cinderella dress, of course, and got changed right away. Once the wardrobe change is complete, they call each princess back to their hair and makeup station where they sit in a big, fancy chair and pick out their hairstyle of choice. Lila picked out the Cinderella bun with the tiara, and the fairy godmother in training got to work. Another godmother came by to do her makeup, and she got to pick out the colors for her eyes and lips. Lila was so into each step of this process and loved being pampered. The godmothers would all stop to talk to Princess-in-training, Alli, and even gave her a sticker. We will definitely be taking Alli when she's 3 to get pampered too! Alli loved all the attention from all the pretty godmothers.
Lila was in full diva-princess mode after her makeover, and it was so funny. We rode the Magic Carpet ride right after and she kept princess waving at everyone below. She wanted to be referred to as "Princess Lila" the rest of the day.
first time she actually enjoyed the carousel 
Yeye having fun on the carousel 
ready for the 3D show
getting her hair done
Alli taking a little power nap
watching the fireworks show
yeye and Lila watching the light show on the castle
Alli was too sleepy to watch the light show
After the boutique, Phillip and Josh went to a sports bar in Downtown Disney to watch the Super Bowl, while the rest of us stayed at the Magic Kingdom until around 9:15. Lila really enjoyed the new Little Mermaid ride, and right when we walked out of the ride, the fireworks show was going on right above us. We watched the awesome fireworks show and then decided it was time to head home. We got to the castle and were reminded that the projected light show on the castle was starting soon. Of course, we didn't want to miss that, and I'm SO glad that we didn't. It was one of the neatest things that I have ever seen! They project a light show onto the castle set to music, and it was a perfect ending to our BUSY day at the Magic Kingdom. We definitely maxed out our 12+ hours at the park that day!
Ariel's castle

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  1. You are a MUCH better woman than me at maximizing time at the park! We were out by three each day before my kids entered their famous "meltdown mode." ;) It looks like the girls had a blast! Oh, and of course, happy birthday, Lila!



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