Monday, March 12, 2012


 sweet girls playing together in the bluebonnets
The bluebonnets are back!!! These are the most gorgeous flowers, and they bloom right across the street from our neighborhood. They only bloom for about a month, so we had to take advantage of the cloudy day (for good lighting) before the rain was scheduled to come and headed to the field to take pictures of the girls with these pretty flowers! Lila had just as much fun in the bluebonnets this year as she did last year (blog post), and Alli had a fun time playing with some stems too.  They had a lot of fun being silly together sitting in the bluebonnet patch, and it made for some adorable pictures!  Lila, of course, pitched a fit when it was time to go because she was having so much fun and kept saying "bye bye flowers" on the 2-second drive back home. I'll, hopefully, get a chance to take them back sometime again before the bluebonnets wither away.

March 8, 2012 

Sweet girl last year in the bluebonnet patch

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