Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Photo Challenge Week 4

Sorry I'm a little late to post on this week's challenge! I've had a good excuse...a bachelorette weekend celebrating my best friend, Rachel's upcoming marriage in Destin, Florida!!!

March 19: funny
Rachel wanted to have a Jersey Shore night to celebrate her Bachelorette party, so we all agreed and donned our best "Snooki" poofs and leopard print for our bff!
March 20: before/after
The playroom always provides a good before and after picture. It looks so different when it's clean, because I mainly see it completely destroyed by tornados Lila and Alli!
March 21: delicious
Beyond the sweet koozie and red solo cup is a delicious mimosa waiting for me to enjoy in the sand!
March 22: books
I'm at my parent's condo in Destin, Florida, as I mentioned above, and I love all of the beachy books that my mom has around for decoration!
March 23: moon
There was such a little crescent moon the other night!
March 24: animal
This is the first animal that came to mind for this project. Although he can drive the girls and me crazy at times, he really is the best dog in the history of dogs. He lets the girls crawl on him, pull on him, tease him with food, and shove him out the door saying "out out woo woo (Lila's name for him)"...and he still loves them!
March 25: breakfast
Okay, so I cheated a little. This isn't breakfast, but rather it is lunch. I hardly have time or remember to bring out the camera at breakfast, so I decided to change the meal instead. She was having so much fun dunking her chicken (and her finger) in the Chick Fil A sauce. She loves it almost as much as me!

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