Sunday, March 11, 2012

March Photo Challenge Week 2

Here are my photos for week 2 of the challenge. So, I said originally that most of my pictures wouldn't be of my children...but looks like a told a fib! What can I say, they are some of my best subjects! I'm also finding myself breaking the "one" picture rule. Sometimes these challenges are best fulfilled with a couple photos!

March 5: Makes you smile
How could this not make you smile?!? I just love how much my girls love each other! All I can hope is that their love only gets stronger :)
March 6: 5 pm
Lila usually wakes up from her nap at 5pm, so this is what I come into find most days. She is so silly! (please ignore her mis-matched pants...I had to put pants under her dress so that she would keep her diaper on during nap time!)
March 7: What you wore
I had a terribly hard time with this one. I couldn't figure out how I wanted to interpret this category. I really wished I still had my high school cheerleading uniform or a former prom dress to photograph, but I don't.  I got so many complements on the hospital gown that I wore when I had Alli, so this is what I decided to use for this challenge day. I brought my own gown when I delivered Alli because the gowns they give you are HUGE, ugly, and horribly uncomfortable.  Mine was adorable, pink with white polka dots, and even had my monogram!! I LOVED it, and plan to wear it with every baby we have (okay we'll probably only have one more, but I'll wear it again then!).  The brand is dearjohnnies, and I bought mine on etsy, but they sell them in any high-end maternity store. 
close up of the monogram
March 8: Window
Window? That's the only instructions? All of the windows in my house are pretty basic and boring, so I decided to go to a church that I know has beautiful stained glass windows for this challenge (taken from my iPhone).
March 9: Blue
Okay so I know I'm breaking the rules by posting two pictures for this one, but it was necessary to show just how blue the sky was!!
 The one above is of just the sky.  The sun in the corner makes the sky look a little whiter than it really did, so I had to take a picture with a tree in it to show just how blue the sky was. I literally haven't seen a cloud in two days! Gorgeous!
March 10: Shoes
What girl doesn't have a ton of shoes in her closet? I take my obsession with shoes a little to the extreme, but they are honestly my favorite accessory! The t-shirt rack, hiding behind the dresses and my boots, houses all of my closed-toe shoes that I rarely get to wear here in Texas. (I had to post more than one picture on this day too...oops)
 My absolute favorite pair of shoes in all the world! They go with everything and are reasonably comfortable for their height! 
March 11: From a distance
We went to the aquarium at Moody Gardens on this rainy weekend and had a great time! It's been over a year since we've visited this particular aquarium, and Lila enjoyed it even more this trip. This is what the aquarium looks like from a distance...pretty neat!

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