Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chuck E. Cheese

Yesterday, Lila, Alli, and I met our friends Adrienne and Cecilia at Chuck E. Cheese for some much needed out-of-the-house fun! Our girls are around the same age and were both going stir crazy being in the house due to Spring Break and the rainy weather that we've had the past few days.  Chuck E. Cheese was a nice break and a great chance to visit and catch up while the girls played and ran around. Lila's favorite thing by far was putting the tokens in the machines, and I think Cecilia had the most fun on the interactive car ride. It was nice to get there early before the crowds, and we even had enough time to grab lunch at Cafe Express before the girls had to get back for nap time. We had a great day, and now that the weather is finally nice again, I hope that we can take advantage of the park and our backyard play things!

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