Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Photo Challenge Week 3

How has the third week of March already come and gone? Here are the pictures from this week:

March 12: daily routine
Our daily routine usually includes waking up, having breakfast while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, heading to the gym or a play date of some sort, and then making the requisite stop at Chick Fil A for a kids meal and a #1, or at the very least, a large Coke for mommy :) ! Lila doesn't like to give up the iPad these days, and she's actually learning a ton about her letters, numbers, shapes, and words on the various apps. I didn't feel like fighting with her today and let her eat her Chick Fil A while playing on the, she always eats more when she's distracted (as do we all!). 
March 13: a sign
I was an Alpha Gam at Auburn University, and our mascot was a squirrel. I thought it was a little weird when I was going through rush, but you grow to love the cute little squirrels quickly!  In League City, there is this sign for a garage-type bar called The Nut House that always reminds me of my college days. Because we were the squirrels, we used that cheesy saying more times than I can even remember! Therefore, I thought that sign that I drive past almost every day would be perfect for this challenge day!
March 14: clouds
I'm such a meteorology nerd and even contemplated majoring in Atmospheric Sciences in college.  I almost wish I did somedays, but I learned a lot (and still remember quite a bit) in the elective meteorology classes that I took in high school and college. The clouds today are such a pretty mixture of cirrus and cumulus clouds. Cirrus clouds usually predict that a front is coming our way, and it is supposed to be cloudy tomorrow and rainy the next, but the cumulus clouds are fair weather clouds, which show up on perfect, sunny days like today!
March 15: something you bought
I rarely have time to go shopping anymore, but now that the girls are both in school, I had a little time last week. This is one of the shirts that I bought while shopping at Anthropologie :)
March 16: sunglasses
My girls wanted to borrow my Jersey Shore sunglasses for a photo op today...can't say that I blame them!
March 17: color
GREEN! Happy St. Patty's Day! Thank you to my wonderful mother-in-law for making these adorable dresses for the girls!!
March 18: a corner of your home
The dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house...mainly because it rarely gets dirty! Here's a little corner of my home!

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