Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rachel's Jerseylicious Bachelorette Night

Rachel requested that all of us don our best Jersey Shore attire for going out on Saturday night (it's only appropriate for a girl that's marrying at real Jersey boy!) . Since she's the bride, we all obliged. Monica provided the "poofing" services for our hair, and we all put on our tightest, most Snooki-like dresses, skirts,  heels, and shirts and got the party started.
We began the night with a lingere shower for Rachel, and she got some pretty cute things. Monica gave her a sexy bra/apron that she proceeded to wear around the condo while we were getting dressed. I have to admit, it was a great show. After the shower, we called the cabs and made out way to The Swamp, which was one of the bars in Destin that I knew where we wouldn't completely stick out like sore thumbs.  There was a fun band, a REALLY hot bartender, and some questionable characters there that desperately wanted to dance with us girls (mainly Anna C. :) !). I CAN'T wait for the wedding festivities to start in Auburn TWO WEEKS from today!

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