Monday, March 5, 2012

Strawberry Picking

Being silly at home before heading to the farm
Last year we had such a great time going strawberry picking at Froberg's Farm in Alvin, Texas (blog post here), that we couldn't wait to go back this year! At this farm, there are rows and rows of strawberries waiting to be picked. They were even able to open up strawberry picking three weeks early this year due to the extremely mild winter that we had. I'm so glad that we got to take advantage of such a beautiful "winter" Sunday by spending it outside in the berry field!
We ran into the Braseltons at the farm!
 The girls picking strawberries together
Alli checking out her strawberry
A year ago, Lila couldn't eat the strawberries off the vine fast enough, and this year she was just as interested. However, she was a little more reserved and was really concentrating on picking them off and putting them into her bucket more than she was eating them. She did give herself a few treats, and I found a lot of strawberry leaves with no berries left on them in the bucket at home when I was cleaning them (glad she didn't want to litter with the leftover leaves).
Picking berries with daddy
Loving on our sweet girls
 Sitting together in the strawberry field
Lila and Alli were so cute together out in the strawberry field. Alli even picked a strawberry off the vine herself and got to smush it in her hands. She didn't attempt to taste it and didn't quite know what to think of the squishy texture. I put a berry in her mesh feeder so that she could try it, and she wasn't too thrilled. She was just as content sitting in the field and watching her big sister pick the berries for her. We had such a great day and plan on going back again before strawberry season is over!
chowing down on some strawberries
Having fun after working so hard to pick a bucket full of berries

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