Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eight Months Old! *March 13, 2012*

Wow, eight months old! I cannot even believe how eight months have gone by so quickly!  Lila was this age when we got pregnant with Alli, and that seems so long ago. Alli is still such a little baby, and I'm not sure what we were thinking when we decided to start trying for another one so soon haha (although we didn't think that it would happen quite so fast). But, I'm SO glad we did! Lila has grown even more attached to her little sister over the past few months, and even cries to sleep with her most days and/or nights. Alli is such a little blessing, and we love watching her grow stronger and more mobile everyday! 
Here's what you're up to:

*you still weigh 15.6 pounds and are about 25 inches tall...still a tiny little peanut!

*you are getting really fast at your little army crawl and love to follow our voices into the kitchen or living room when you are playing in the playroom.  You play really well on your own most of the time, but also love to be cuddled and to play around mommy and daddy or sister.
*you push up on all fours and rock back and forth all day long. You are trying to figure it out and will be crawling even faster in no time! (which scares me a little!)
*you are starting to pull up on things. Right now, you are only pulling up on things that aren't very tall like Lila's toddler potty.

*you are pretty content playing with anything and everything, but your favorite toys, by far, are your raspberry vibrating teether and empty plastic water bottles.
*still sleeping awesome! Bedtime is at 8pm, and I will lay you down awake. I stopped swaddling you, and you didn't seem to notice a difference. You get yourself to sleep after playing with the toys that are in your crib for however long you want to.
*Naptimes are going well also. You take about 1.5 per day. Your morning nap lasts between 30 minutes to an hour and starts around 10:30/11am. Your second naps lasts anywhere from 1.5-3 hours and starts at 2pm. I lay you down in your bed awake, and you may or may not play before falling asleep depending on how tired you are.
*you are getting SO difficult to change now. The second we put you on the changing table, you instantly try to roll over and are so strong that you can roll out of our hands most of the time. You love to scratch on the wall when we're changing you too.

*your teeth still have yet to pop through. I can tell that they bother you, and I hope that they show up sooner rather than later!
*you are only getting formula now, and you drink between 3-4 6 ounce bottles per day. It's a struggle to get you to drink enough liquid some days as you would much rather have solid food!

*you eat between 1-2 stage 2 jars of baby food per feeding (8am, 12/1pm, 6pm).
*still wearing size 2 diapers, but they're starting to get a little snug. Once these run out, I think we'll move you to 3's.

*wearing mainly 6 month clothes, but you can fit into 9 month bubbles. You have officially grown out of the 3 and 3-6 month sleepers and are exclusively in 6 month sleepers (although the fleece ones are still a little too long for you).
*you still adore your big sister and grin from ear to ear when she shows you any attention (which she loves to do).

*you are so ticklish and laugh hysterically when you are tickled under your chin, on the inside of your legs, or under your arms.
*The /m/ and /b/ sound are your favorite sounds to make. I love it that you say "mama" but not "dada" yet since all Lila said for a good year was "dada" :) You have also started saying your r's.

*you love your tubby time in the big girl bathtub with Lila. You splash water all over the place, and Lila thinks its hilarious and copies you.
*Right when you turned 7 months old, we flew to Atlanta to visit with family. You did great on the airplane and had a great time playing with your sister while waiting for our flight.
*this past month you celebrated your first Valentine's day.  You also went to pick strawberries for the first time. Last week you had your picture made in the bluebonnet patch across the street from your neighborhood with your sister. You had fun pulling on the stems.

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  1. So sweet! Can't believe she is 8 months! It seems like it flies by even faster with the 2nd one!!



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