Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mossman Elementary School Carnival

Today, we decided last minute after running a ton of errands this morning to head to the Elementary School that is literally in our back yard for their Spring Carnival.  They had tons of bouncy houses and blow up activities, face painting, a temporary tattoo parlor, lots of food, and specialty vendors. Lila had such a blast running around outside and got to enjoy two go 'rounds in the bouncy house.  She wanted to get a tattoo, and I'm surprised that she actually sat still enough to get it applied! She thought it was so pretty and stared at her hand the rest of the afternoon. She thought that she wanted to get her face painted, but when the girl started painting she kept shaking her head and wanted to get up. Oh well, maybe next time! It is such a gorgeous day today, and I'm so excited that we got to do something fun and out of the ordinary today while Josh was at work!

(I didn't take my big, fancy camera, so these are just some simple iPhone photos...and I had to take pictures through the net in the bouncy house the best that I could!)
 Running around the sundial
 getting her heart tattoo
 telling me where to go next
 thinking her tattoo is a scratch and sniff...but it's not
 one more time in the bouncy house
 still admiring her tattoo
 Alli was a little bored
 about to get her face painted
 having second thoughts

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