Monday, March 12, 2012

Moody Gardens Aquarium

The weather this weekend was so rainy and gross, so we decided to head to the aquarium for some indoor fun.  Lila loves to look at all of the fish, sharks, and penguins and didn't stop saying "fish" all day. The last time we were at the Moody Gardens aquarium, Lila was only 11 months old. She had so much fun this trip and was able to really enjoy herself and see all of the exhibits. Alli enjoyed looking at the fish from her stroller, and it was surprisingly not crowded when we went, so Alli could get right up to the glass to see really well.  Compared to the Georgia Aquarium, where we went last month, Moody Gardens is really small, but it is still a great aquarium. I love it when Josh is home, and when we are able to do such fun things together as a family of four!

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