Sunday, March 11, 2012

Park Fun

playing outside before heading to the park
Josh's "weekend" happened to fall in the middle of this past week on Tuesday and Wednesday. I love when he gets days off in the middle of the week, and we took advantage of the beautiful weather on Wednesday by taking the girls to the park in our neighborhood. Lila is finally big enough to really enjoy everything that our playground has to offer and had a great time climbing up the jungle gym and sliding down the slide. Josh was really nervous to let her slide down the big slide all by herself, but she did great...other than the fact that the wind would blow her dress over her eyes each time she slid down.
Alli had a great time swinging for the first time and kept the biggest smile on her face. Lila really enjoyed swinging next to her sister and wouldn't swing without her. The girls were so worn out after we got home and both took three hour naps (which is unusual for Alli). We're so glad that we have such a great playground right here in our neighborhood and hope to get a lot of use out of it before the weather gets too unbearably hot!

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